High Contrast Photography

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You can create some fantabulous eye-catching images by knowing how to use high contrast in your photography. The amount of difference between tones in an image is called contrast. Bringing about high contrast in your photography not only makes the picture look beautiful but also makes it look even more realistic and dramatic. Here are some useful tips which will help you to enrich your sense of high contrast by Portland wedding photographer Dylan M Howell. 

1. Always know that curves and masks are your best friends. When you combine curves with masks you get some sort of insane super finesse greater than sum of its parts.

2. Try to accommodate all the tones present in the picture. You can perform some mixology with super dark and alternate lighter shades as well.

3. Just be sure enough that you make your picture look dramatic and expressible. Try to retain the texture of your subjects and make them look sharp.

4. To make your picture look even more pronounced you can use the dodging and burning technique. This brings a really smooth and exaggerated effect to your photo.

5. To direct the viewers’ attention to the primary subject of a picture, photographers often use a technique called framing. A tree, an archway or even people, for example can create a frame within the picture area. There should be some similarities between the frame and the theme of the picture.

6. Good pictures are often ruined by somewhat unnecessary or distracting foreground. Make sure that you do not stand too far away from the subject when taking the picture. You can eliminate undesirable background by moving in closer to the subject. You can choose to take different shots from different angles. There should not be any sharp foreground that is just enough to distract the primary subject of the picture. Skip the things in the foreground that has no connection with the picture.

7. Make the background an important part of the picture. The scenes are too often overlooked as the photographer generally pays a lot of attention to only the subject. Do not fail to eliminate the unnecessary and distracting scenes. Try to bring a match between the background and the subject in both tone and interest. Use some truly effective ways like boldness and blur for separating the subject from the background.

8. Another characteristic feature of high contrast photography is color saturation.  Making the colors more vibrant increases the color contrast.  This color contrast works even better when using few and larger color masses.

9. An effective compositional element in color photography is to use color contrast. When colors of opposite characteristics are placed together, they make a beautiful contrast. Each color enhances the qualities of the other and makes them stand out heavenly. You can create the contrast of detail against mass as this can enhance the color contrast even more. Cold and warm colors always contrast. Light colors contrast against dark ones, and a bold color offsets a weak color.